MERICAN fully implemented 7S and ISO9001 management system

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MERICAN fully implemented 7S and ISO9001 management system

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After the strict implementation of the international ISO9001 quality system has achieved remarkable results, MERICAN has once again comprehensively implemented the 7S management system to improve quality and efficiency, to create a more lean production, more refined management, higher quality and efficiency of the operation of the quality of the enterprise, and to continue to steadily provide high-quality products and services for the global businessmen.

MERICAN has fully implemented the 7S management system and integrated it into daily business activities and production safety, and has achieved milestones in optimizing the management of "people, machines, materials, methods and environment".

 << 7S Management System >>

7S is a management style of "Seiri, Seiton, Seiso, Seikeetsu, Shitsuke, Safety and Saving", which helps to eliminate all kinds of bad phenomena and greatly improve the work efficiency. It helps to eliminate all kinds of undesirable phenomena in the production process, greatly improves work efficiency and production quality, and at the same time effectively improves the professionalism of employees.


The full implementation of 7S management system is an important initiative to promote high-quality development, which is of great significance for improving work efficiency, producing high-quality and precise products, reducing waste, and saving material costs and time costs.


 << MERICAN 7S management system is effective >> 

In order to ensure the rapid development and implementation of the 7S management system, MERICAN has taken the corporate culture construction as the guide, tightened the core of management, and actively promoted it within the group, step by step, to each and every employee, into the brain and heart, and to see the effect of action. And organized a mobilization meeting, conveyed the project background of 7S management, the implementation of the program and the stage of the task and specific detailed deployment, vigorously called on all workers to clarify the objectives, clarify the thinking, reach a consensus, a deep understanding of the significance of the construction of 7S management, and integrated into every link of business activities and safety production.


At the same time, MERICAN has set up a 7S management team to carry out the assessment according to the developed inspection program. Adopting uniform scoring standards, from safety precautions, scientific layout, placement of items, cleanliness and tidiness, operation standards and other aspects, from time to time inspection and scoring, put forward solutions and recommendations for improvement, and make rectification within a time limit, to ensure that the 7S management construction in an orderly manner, and work together to create a safer, more civilized, clean, and comfortable working environment.


In-depth development of 7S management system, MERICAN in the production work to improve the safety warning signs, standardize the safe working environment, the establishment of a daily supervision mechanism, shift personnel management and other aspects of the milestones achieved: a new production environment, office items placed in a neat and orderly manner, the staff's spirit is full of spirit, the safety hazards have been significantly reduced, the production efficiency has increased dramatically, the cost and effective use of resources for the Group quality and efficiency, to create a lean production, fine management, high quality and efficiency of the operation of the quality of the enterprise to build momentum and empowerment.

 << MERICAN Holding Group >>

Since its establishment, MERICAN has been adhering to the service concepts of "craftsmanship of excellence" and "customer first", and has been continuously optimizing and standardizing the management system and system operation in strict accordance with the international standardization system. We continue to optimize and standardize the management system and system operation; continuously improve the refined and efficient management level; continuously improve the rigorous and clear workflow and enhance the staff's enthusiasm and sense of participation, and continue to promote the construction of the quality system.

In the future, MERICAN will continue to promote the 7S management, the 7S management construction from "formalization" to "act", and finally to "habitualization", and continue to strengthen the foundation of enterprise management. From site standardization to management effectiveness, establish a sound long-term mechanism to create a quality enterprise to improve quality and efficiency, and is committed to becoming a global high-quality development of the beauty and health industry group.


At the same time, global businessmen are welcome to visit and exchange, and jointly promote the vigorous development of the beauty and health industry.


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