Congratulations to MERICAN for obtaining the national invention patent certificate

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Congratulations to MERICAN for obtaining the national invention patent certificate

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Recently, the "Health Cabin" series products developed and declared by Hongye  Shi, the founder of MERICAN Holding Group, the founder of Guangzhou MERICAN Photoelectric Technology Co. National-level patent authorization certificate.

Invention patent is an important indicator of the scientific and technological innovation ability of a country or region. The award of the national invention patent certificate marks another breakthrough in the research and development of MERICAN Holding Group!


Patent Introduction  

This invention patent realizes that when the user is conditioning in the cabin, the temperature sensor, heart rate sensor and respiratory monitoring sensor in the chamber will always monitor the temperature change in the cabin, the user's heart rate, respiratory rate and other vital signs, and through the collected heart rate and respiratory rate data, the temperature in the cabin will be adjusted in real time until the user remains in a relaxed and comfortable state, which not only can enhance the user's conditioning effect, but also can avoid This not only improves the user's conditioning effect, but also prevents the user from having accidents in the chamber, which greatly improves the safety of this device.

The patent of this invention is based on photodynamic therapy, which produces photochemical reactions on the skin of the whole body under the irradiation of a variety of specific wavelengths of light, using pro-activating enzymes and mitochondria as a medium to improve the circulatory system and regulate metabolic balance, thus repairing and protecting metabolism to immune regulation and various cellular processes. It has remarkable effects in cosmetology, physical recovery, and overall immunity improvement.

Compared with traditional therapies, photodynamic therapy has the advantages of spatio-temporal selectivity, non-invasiveness, low incidence of drug resistance and the ability to protect vital organ functions from damage, etc. It has become a new type of therapy for the treatment of malignant tumors and a variety of skin diseases, and is growing rapidly in the global medical industry, especially in the field of aesthetics. As a non-surgical treatment and cosmetic means, photodynamic therapy not only reduces the recurrence rate of skin diseases and alleviates patients' pain, but also promotes skin function recovery and maintains a stable skin condition.

Since entering the new century, the international basic and clinical research on photodynamic therapy has been comprehensively deepened and expanded. In addition to dermatology, it is also applied to the treatment of oncology, urology, gynecology and other diseases. It has been officially approved for clinical treatment of condyloma acuminata, nevus, bladder cancer and skin cancer in many countries such as China, the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Japan and Canada. The use of this invention patent will bring better health management for users.

MERICAN Holdings Group  

As a high-tech enterprise, MERICAN has been practicing the strategic idea of "innovation is the first driving force to lead development", constantly opening up new fields and tracks for development, and constantly shaping new momentum and advantages for development. This invention patent not only fills the gap in the field of beauty and health, but also enhances the effect of physical therapy while focusing on comfort and ergonomics, bringing users a more unique sensory experience and a more relaxed, stress-free and refreshed state. At the same time, this is also the embodiment and extension of the core technology of MERICAN Light Energy Research Center.

MERICAN Light Energy Research Center, under the leadership and guidance of founder Hongye Shi , focuses on four major industries: beauty, health, medical and sports, and keeps increasing its investment in independent research and innovation. Nowadays, the scientific research achievements are abundant, and the invention patents and domestic and foreign honorary qualifications have reached hundreds: Jinan University Industry and Research, Chronic Disease Rehabilitation and Health Management Technology Data Collection Unit, Chinese Society of Rehabilitation Medicine, EU CE, German COSMEDICO China authorization, US FDA, ISO9001, ROHS and other domestic and foreign authoritative certifications.

The team of MERICAN Light Energy Research Center has always focused on the close integration of basic experiments and clinical research, and has worked together with many universities, research and medical institutions to conduct extensive research and clinical validation, accumulating a large amount of clinical experience, which has provided strong support for global users to provide more specialized operations, more refined output, more distinctive and novel products, which have been widely promoted and applied.

Up to now, the various series of cabin projects of MERICAN Holding Group have provided high-end, customized health and beauty products and services to 17,000 corporate clients and over 10 million consumers worldwide, which are loved by beauty places, fitness places, skin management centers, beauty salons, spas, wellness centers and recreation centers around the world.

In the future, MERICAN Holding Group will continue to take the road of scientific research and innovation development well and steadily, and continue to deeply cultivate specialized, refined, characteristic and novel product technologies to continuously promote the flourishing development of the beauty, health and sports industries!


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