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Sonnex Collatan Machine F10

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Sonnex Collatan Machine F10

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    1.Convenient stand up configuration,simply installation and servicing because of the high-end design. grade of the remote control administrator and automatically token box/coin operator .

    3.7 minutes using session Advanced surround stereo system(VIDEO,Bluetooth, USB,MP3,FM).

    4.  high-tech control timer system(you can set the time within 0-30 minutes ) ,Precision checking System (exactly checking recent information on the use of 0-99 times) .

    5.Collagen tan ! UV TAN ! Collagen & UV TAN.

    1.Total Power:10.5 KW.

    2.Optional Voltage;220V/ 380V ,Single-phase / Three-phase.

    3.Optional Ballast:Electronic ballast 180W / Magnetic Ballast 180W.

    4.Lamp Brand:Germany Cosmedico.

    5.Total Tubes:52 pcs X 180.

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