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Rubino Collagen Tanning Booth F10-180

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Rubino Collagen Tanning Booth F10-180

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    This is Sunshine NEW STYLE MODEL COLLATAN SONNEX F10-180- s a very powerful  indoor solarium with Collatan Lamp tubes 52 lamp X180W(2000MM) , which combines UVA ,a intensive and attractive tan for bronzing the skin , UVB for the production of Melanin & Vitamin D, Blue Light therapy for pure, blemish-free skin, Red Light (Collagen) Light therapy to get visible anti-aging effect, reduction of eye lines necklines etcs and improvement of skin elasticity ,suppleness and firmness during tanning.  Sunshine Solarium provides the ultimate solarium machines for your choice. Please email our sales representative or leave us a message directly here for more details .

     Product Features:

    Convenient stand up configuration

    1. simply installation and servicing because of the high-end design

    2. 7 minutes tanning session

    3. 2 stereo speakers(VIDEO, MP3,Mp4,Bluetooth ,USB supported )

    4. high-tech control timer system(you can set the time within 0-30 minutes )

    5. Precision checking System (exactly checking recent information on the use of 0-99 times)

    6. top grade of the remote control administrator and automatically token box/coin operator

    7. Senior 3-phase of the body cooling system to allow guests to enjoy their own controlling temperature

    8. Door oem logo or DIY design are welcomed

    9. 1 Year warranty

    10.Origin : Guangzhou China mainland

    11. Brand : Sonnex

    12. Manufacturer: Sunshine

    13. Ballast option :  standard equipped with Sunshine electronic ballast 180W / Option with Sunshine magnetic ballast 180W

    Amazing Cooling

    1.  In order to maximize the efficiency of the machine, we suggest that the machine works at  ambient room temperature of 24 °C.  Besides, we suggest that a air exhaust duct should be installed between room and machine so that heat drawn out from the machine can be discharged out of the room..

    2.  Advanced 3-min fan override working function, which can ensure the machine to cool down before entering the next working.

    3. Very advanced air supply system , advanced surround woof stereo system, bring you very cool and comfortable ,enjoyable tanning process, and creates a new tanning environment for you. Besides, there will be a 3-min excellent cooling working after tanning session is over to suck out heat .

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