Warmly welcome the leaders of JW Group from Germany to visit MERICAN!

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Warmly welcome the leaders of JW Group from Germany to visit MERICAN!

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Recently, Mr. Joerg from JW Holding GmbH of Germany visited MERICAN, and was warmly received by Mr. Shi Hongye, the founder of MERICAN, representatives of MERICAN's Light Energy Research Center, and related business personnel. The two sides had an in-depth discussion on the development trend of the global beauty and health industry, innovation in the field of tanning light source technology, future market opportunities and other important topics to promote technological innovation and win-win in the future of health.


With a long history of more than 40 years, Germany's JW Group has been renowned globally for its leading Cosmedico light source technology, and has become the world's industry benchmark with its superior performance and quality. As the only exclusive partner of JW Group in the Greater China region, MERICAN has been jointly committed to realizing the globalization of science and technology and healthy and beautiful life. Mr. Joerg's exchange visit fully demonstrated the great importance that JW Group attaches to MERICAN, reflected the indestructibility of the profound cooperation and friendship, and highly recognized MERICAN's increasingly important position in the international market.

Before the meeting, Mr. Joerg of JW Group visited MERICAN's marketing center, brand exhibition center, light energy research center, industrial production and manufacturing base and other core areas, and gained an in-depth understanding of MERICAN's sixteen-year development history, application of innovative technologies, digital system system, etc., and highly evaluated and appreciated Mericom's development achievements in advanced quality management mode, operation scheme and technical achievements. The company also highly praised and appreciated MERICAN's advanced quality management model, operational programs and technical achievements.

During the exchange meeting, Mr. Shi Hongye, the founder of MERICAN, once again expressed his warm welcome to Mr. Joerg from JW Group. The two sides had an in-depth discussion and exchanged views on several aspects, such as “the important role of tanning light source technology on the skin”, “how tanning machine can make people healthy”, “the differences in the use of tanning machine in different countries and regions” and so on. The company had an in-depth discussion and exchanges on several aspects, such as

Mr. Joerg emphasized that compared with sunlight, tanning machine can make more subhealthy people who can't contact with sunlight and need sunlight more, such as long-term indoor office workers, depression patients, calcium-deficient people, etc., to obtain healthy and efficient light energy which is beneficial to physical and mental development, and it can effectively avoid erythema effect and is not easy to sunburn the skin. At the same time, many valuable scientific research progress and clinical data on cutting-edge light source technology were also shared empirically.

He also said that MERICAN's corporate mission of “illuminating beauty and health” is highly consistent with their development philosophy, which is also an important opportunity for future in-depth cooperation between the two sides. Importantly, as the first domestic R & D and launch of tanning machine, creating a blueprint for China's healthy tanning industry, MERICAN has accumulated many years of mature experience in the field of tanning and health, and has a huge potential for development and cooperation and influence. It is believed that under the common vision and common goal, the two sides will be able to give full play to their respective advantages, cooperate in good faith, promote technological progress, and draw a blueprint for development together.

Finally, Mr. Shi Hongye, the founder of MERICAN, summarized his speech, saying that the steady development of MERICAN from its establishment to the present could not be separated from the long-term trust and support of the JW Group, and he was also very grateful to Mr. Joerg for bringing the latest technological advances in research and the latest international industry dynamics, which provided valuable ideas and inspiration for MERICAN's industrial layout, technological innovation, and application of photo-biological conditioning equipment, hoping that both sides can continue to strengthen communication and exchange to explore more new modes of innovative technology and deepen cooperation and win-win cooperation in order to help the industry flourish together with the light of science and technology. It is hoped that both parties will continue to strengthen communication, explore more innovative technologies and new modes, deepen the win-win cooperation, help the future of health with the light of science and technology, and promote the prosperous development of the industry.

The visit of Mr. Joerg from JW Group of Germany to MERICAN not only has a positive impact on the long-term development of MERICAN“based in China, facing the world” and the broadening of its vision, but also lays a solid foundation for MERICAN to explore more areas of cooperation and mode of development.

In the future, MERICAN will continue to adhere to the corporate mission of “lighting up the light of science and technology, illuminating beauty and health”, continuously improve the level of scientific research and innovation, give full play to its own advantages, establish close contact with more partners, exchange and mutual advancement, and contribute to the promotion of the high-quality development of global beauty and health industry!


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