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Although the market is awash with products and creams claiming to reduce wrinkles, very few of them actually deliver on their promises. Those that do seem to cost more per ounce than gold making it hard to justify purchasing them, especially since you have to use them continually.  Red light therapy is promising to change all that. It’s a revolutionary  treatment that has been in development for the past few years.  It has show very promising results and demonstrated the potential to reduce the appearance of wrinkles considerably.

You would think that such a “miracle” cure would have received more airtime, letting everyone know the benefits of the treatment. One reason behind this may be the cosmetology companies hope that the process won’t catch on and eat into their millions of dollars in profits from their anti-aging creams and lotions.  It will also take time for the general public to get over the skepticism that often comes from new discoveries that seem too good to be true.  Treatments such as aromatherapy, chiropractic therapy, reflexology, reiki and acupuncture are also treatments that defy scientific explanation and they have been around for thousands of years.

Red light therapy, also referred to as photorejuvenation, is often offered by dermatologists and plastic surgeons.  Photo therapy equipment is comprised of a light emitting device that emits light over a particular wavelength, depending on what the desired results are.  For collagen production and wrinkle reduction the desired wavelength is red light that occurs between 615nm and 640nm.   The light emitting panel is placed above the surface of the skin where treatment is desired.  Red light therapy is now offered in full body red light therapy booths that are sometimes referred to as red light therapy tanning booths.

The red  light therapy is said to promote the production of collagen and elastin. Both of these are known to increase the elasticity of the skin and keep it healthy and young looking. Elasticity is what keeps the skin smooth.  Skins natural elasticity reduces with age, eventually resulting in visible wrinkles as the skin is not able to pull itself taut anymore.  Also, as the body ages the production of new skin cells slows down.  With fewer new cells being produced, skin begins to have more of an aged look. the combination of increased levels of both elastin and collagen are said to reduce this effect significantly. As well as producing elastin and collagen, red light therapy also increases circulation.  It does this by relaxing the blood vessels in the treated areas allowing the blood to flow more easily. This further helps to prevent and get rid of wrinkles as increased circulation encourages the production of new skin cells.   Red light therapy is non-invasive and does not require surgery or the use of toxic chemicals such as Botox.  This makes it a viable option for beauty parlors, tanning salons, hair salons, and fitness centers.  As with any new therapy make sure to seek the advice of a medical professional should you have any concerns.   Phototherapy may not be a good option for you if you have sensitivity to light or other serious medical conditions.  Combined with a high-end lotion system such as collagenetics by devoted, red light therapy can make you appear years younger.

Red light therapy is a new treatment system that is gaining a significant following both in the beauty and sports healing communities.  New benefits seem to be discovered everyday.  One of these benefits, still in the experimental stage, is the treatment of injuries. Red light therapy is now being used by physical therapists, chiropractors, and other medical professionals to treat a multitude of sports injuries. The treatment is preferred by caregivers and patients alike as it is non-invasive, doesn’t involve surgery and has no known side effects.


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