Is indoor tanning the same as tanning outside in the sun?

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Is indoor tanning the same as tanning outside in the sun?

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Over the years, whitening has always been the pursuit of Asians but now the white skin is no longer the only popular choose in the world, tan has gradually become one of the mainstream of social trends, caramel beauty and bronze stylish men become fashionable in the world exists. 

Shiny wheat bronze skin and strong body to reveal their charm of health, particularly in Europe and the United States on behalf of the wealthy vacation lifestyle, even about social status.

A lot of people will say, it's too simple to get blacken skin, do not wear sunscreen, directly bask outside!

That's one of the ways to get dark. There's another way to get dark is to use an indoor tanning equipment. Which one is better?

What's the difference?

Here's an experienced tanner's application case of the Merican Tanning Booth which with more than ten years experiance in the sun bed industry, giving you an in-depth look at the differences between sun tanning and indoor tanning.

Principle of tanning

Natural sunbathing: 

Sunlight contains UVA UVB & UVC rays (UVC is harmful to human body, but the UVC ray has weak penetration ability and is almost completely absorbed by the ozone layer). Thera are approxiamately 500 times more UVA rays in sunlight than UVB rays. UVA and UVB can reach the dermis and epidermis of the skin respectively, promoting the formation of melanin and transferring to the stratum corneum, thereby darkening the skin.

Indoor tanning machine: 

It mimics the ray of sunlight, but only adopts 98%UVA+2%UVB with a constant golden ratio. It does not contain UVC that harms human body. It will not burn the skin easily, and maintain the uniform tanning effect quickly and continuously.

Tanning Space

Natural sunbathing: 

Due to the influence of the weather, you need to choose a place with sunshine outside, always choose to do it on the beach, with low privacy and the need to wear clothes, which will produce certain sunburn marks.

Indoor tanning machine: 

It is carried out indoors and is not affected by the weather. It has high privacy and can illuminate the whole body in 360 degrees.


Tanining Time

Natural sunbathing: 

Need to avoid exposure at noon (avoid sunburn), exposure in 2 hours every time, can make the skin black (the specific need according to individual skin) after one months.

Indoor tanning machine: 

At any time you want, 7 to 10 minutes every time, each exposure need to wait after 48 hours (once every other day), 4 to 6 times can make color of skin you want, retention period once a week.

Tanning Effect

Natural sunbathing: 

Affected by light intensity and cloud every day, it is difficult to control to absorb the same amount of light, so can't choose the color of skin, and generally will appear the phenomenon of uneven skin color.

Indoor tanning machine: 

Adopting a constant ratio of light waves, work with tanning lotion, not only can choose the specific color of skin, such as wheat bronze also make the skin shiny and elastic.

Actually, tan not only make people more fashion and charming, and beneficial to human body health, so has been circulated the sun does not shine on, the doctor regularly door saying tanning can promote the synthesis of vitamin D3 and calcium generated, can strong muscles and bones and muscles strengthen bones and teeth enhanced physique to relieve fatigue, and make people happy through the above analysis, I believe you on tanning have more clear cognition, we can select suitable for their own way to tan, give yourself some color to see see, let oneself more healthy and charming.


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